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    Office timings 8 am to 8 pm (GMT)
    No. 15A, Yawuri Street,
    Behind Rita Lori Hotel,
    Garki II, FCT Abuja, Nigeria. Tel:+234(0)8135823907
    Tel: Marketing: +234 (0) 8180626274
    Fax: +234(0)8135823907
    Email: info@lifebridgemedicals.com

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…CT images have never been so clear. Diagnosis has never been so fast and easy.

Providing accurate medical diagnosis using advanced medical equipment is a priority at Lifebridge Diagnostic Centre. Our award-winning 64-slice CT scanner, also from Toshiba Medical Systems, Japan, sets a new standard in detailed image quality, helping to ensure a more accurate diagnosis than the near-obsolete 1, 2 and 4 CT scanners.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

…Mapping the body with greater clarity, comfort and safety.

We are proud to have the first privately-owned, 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanner in Nigeria! Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an established medical technique of using a magnetic field to produce detailed images of the inside of the body, for the detection of health conditions affecting organs, tissue and bone.

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Dialysis Unit

Cleaning of the blood by removing the accumulated waste & excess fluid...

Lifebridge has a 6-Unit , World-Class, Haemodialysis Suite with programmable units that can individualize dialysis treatment according to the needs of each patient. Patient Comfort and Safety is our Number One concern and strict protocols are followed to ensure our patients have a pleasant experience with us each dialysis session.

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Mammography and Comprehensive Breast Imaging

State-of-the-art breast imaging with an emphasis on patient comfort

Our Lilyum Mammography System provides state-of-the-art breast imaging with an emphasis on patient comfort. The units are automatic, allowing clinicians to obtain high quality images during shorter examinations, helping to reduce your discomfort.

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Lifebridge Medical Diagnostics Centre Is a privately held medical facility with state of the art modern diagnostic equipment. It is located at 15A Yauri street Garki II Abuja Nigeria.

This facility was set up by some Nigerian investors and their foreign partners out of the need to fill the gap in the medical diagnostic sector to support the Government in its stride towards providing efficient diagnostic services for its citizens.

Lifebridge was established on the tenets of Value, Quality and Excellence whilst maintaining a high level of Integrity and Professionalism.

I heartily welcome you to our website. Please take a few minutes to diligently go through all our web pages, perhaps you may find it interesting and our work, a solution to your need and probably an answer to your questions.

Not only do we have the best of diagnostics equipment to take care of your needs, we also have the professional manpower to attend to your needs and to make sure that you are treated with the urgency required. Lifebridge's goal is simple, its target, a straight-to-point approach: bringing closer to Nigerians, high powered medical diagnostics treatment and administration.

We believe that together we can build a better, stronger and more reliable medical center to take care of both the rich and the poor alike. Most interestingly, you can come check up the CENTRE for yourself, to see what it looks like.

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